2015 Riviera Vinyl Liners Collection

Experience the Beauty, Style and Distinction of Riviera's Boutique Collection

Creating the unique appearance of a beautifully styled pool with high quality materials that will give your family years of fun and enjoyment. Riviera prides itself as an industry leader in service with liners that deliver performance year after year.
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Offering you distinctive patterns and designs that bring together beauty, durability and functionality, providing you with an array of elegant styles that will compliment any backyard setting

Riviera has just the style for you!

The most comfortable surface in swimming pools.

Riviera Vinyl liners are made from the most durable vinyl, and covered by the most comprehensive warranty in the business. And as if that's not enough, Riviera liners are virtually maintenance free. They're treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacterial growth. They're also manufactured with a super-smooth surface, never rough or textured, making it easy on your feet and even easier to clean.

Riviera Liners exceed industry standards for fit and finish. Duraguard and 30mil liner seams are noticeably more pronounced that 20mil. White based material will have a white edge that shows more than blue. On large tile borders the seam occasionally overlaps the pattern. Ask your installer to order the wall seam where the pool steps or skimmer are, as this will remove the wall seam. Your Riviera Pool Professional can answer your questions picking out the perfect design for your pool.

* Liner patterns representative of actual liner material; however, variations in color and shading may occur. Please refer to your builder for vinyl samples.
^Our Bonjour and Beausoleil Patters are available with optional Color Guard Warranty

For 2015 we have added 10 new, exciting patterns. Click on the images below to preview ALL of the new 2015 designs.

click here to view and download our 2015 brochure.
Boutique 20 & 30 Mil Liners
The Riviera Vinyl liners shown below are available in both 20 and 30 Mil.
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(new for 2015)

(new for 2015)

(new for 2015)


(new for 2015)

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(new for 2015)



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Place de Aqua

Real Mosaic


Royale Blue

Sur La Cap
(new for 2015)

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Boutique Duraguard Vinyl Liners.
Duraguard vinyl liners feature a commercial, heavy traffic upgrade adding extra thickness at a nominal upcharge.
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Beausoleil ^

Belle du Jour


(new for 2015)


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(new for 2015)



(new for 2015)


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(new for 2015)

Classic Patterns....Affordable Luxury

These classic Riviera Vinyl liners patterns are now available at a new special price. Contact us for details.
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Breaux Bridge

Vendredi Saint


Riviera Above Ground Collection
Non-embossed, virgin vinyl in four exciting new patterns

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Boulder Dam


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